AIOU (Allama Iqbal Open University) Solved Assignment Semester Autumn 2013 Subject Introduction and Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children–II Code 3604 Available

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Allama Iqbal Open University Solved Assignment, Semester Autumn 2013, Subject Name Introduction and Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children–II , Subject Code 3604 available now according to AIOU pattern, please visit following links for more AIOU assignments.
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Q. 1 Differentiate between speech and language. Describe all the components of language individually with examples. How do they collectively involve in language development?

To understand your child’s speech and language development, it may help to better understand what’s involved and the differences between the two. Language is the set of rules, shared by the individuals who are communicating, that allows them to exchange those thoughts, ideas or emotions in order to express and receive information in a meaningful way. Language can include spoken word but may also be expressed through writing, signing or gestures. Speech is the verbal expression of language and consists of voice and articulation Delays in speech and language may not seem easy to distinguish as they often overlap. For instance, a child experiencing troubles with language may be able to pronounce words but may struggle putting more than two words together. On the other hand, a child experiencing challenges with speech may be difficult to understand but he may be able to use words and phrases to express ideas. It could also be that your child has trouble comprehending and following directions but speaks well.

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