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This is solved Free Assignment Code 1424 English II For B.a Assignment no 02 semester spring 2013.

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B A English Code 1424 spring 2013 Assigment  (06)

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B A English Code 1424 spring 2013 Assigment  (07)

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B A English Code 1424 spring 2013 Assigment  (08)Email:


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Principles of Journalism Code 430 All Assignments

Semester: Spring 2013,

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This is Free Solved Assingment of  English Compulsory Code 386 Level F.A Semester Spring 2013

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AIOU (Allama Iqbal Open university)

AIOU keybook and Assignment available of Computer ICT code 1431

This is 2nd assignment of ICT Code 1431 urdu medium free of cost




Computer Code 1431 (0) Computer Code 1431 (1) Computer Code 1431 (2) Computer Code 1431 (3) Computer Code 1431 (4) Computer Code 1431 (5) Computer Code 1431 (6)

3 Computer Code 1431 (7) Computer Code 1431 (8) Computer Code 1431 (9) Computer Code 1431 (10)


Computer Code 1431 (11) Computer Code 1431 (12) Computer Code 1431 (13) Computer Code 1431 (14)


Computer Code 1431 (15) Computer Code 1431 (16)








AIOU Allama Iqbal Open university

Semester spring 2013, Solved Assignment Code 387 Subject English II

Assignment No 2nd

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AIOU (Allama Iqbal open university )

Assignments no 01 and Assignments no 02 attach

Subject Math Code 248, semester spring 2013, Sehar keybook

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Allama iqbal Open University (AIOU)

Subject: Islami Fiqah

Code: 464

Semester: Spring 2013

Class:  B.a

Assignment No: 01, 02, 03, and 04 attach



Dear AIOU Students

This is AIOU (Allama iqbal open university) Solved Assignment of Computer ICT (Information Communication Technology) English medium. if you want to Zoom (large) view clik the image. if you want to Save this Assignment in your System then Right clik on image and select to save image as….

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Question NO 1:

Describe the basic concept of ICT. Also explain and exemplify different applications of ICT


computer 1431-eng-0003

computer 1431-eng-0004

computer 1431-eng-0005

computer 1431-eng-0006 - Copy


Question NO 02:

Define the term “Computer” in detail and describe different generation of computer.


computer 1431-eng-0007 computer 1431-eng-0008 computer 1431-eng-0009 computer 1431-eng-0010


Question NO 03:

What are input devices? Explain it with the help of different examples.


computer 1431-eng-0011 computer 1431-eng-0012 computer 1431-eng-0013 computer 1431-eng-0014 - Copy


Question NO 04:

The major and positive influences of ICT can be seen in many different fields are such as education, business,  training and health etc. Select any one area and explain with the help of examples?


(Note: Start  E-Business )

computer 1431-eng-0004


computer 1431-eng-0005

Question NO 05:

Write a note on the following:

(i) Microprocessor, Main Memory and Secondary Storage Devices, E-mail


computer 1431-eng-0015 computer 1431-eng-0016 computer 1431-eng-0017


computer 1431-eng-0018

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AIOU Free Solved Assignment B.ed 2nd semester:

 spring 2013

code 657

subject General Science

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AIOU Solved Assignment B.A Arabic Code 408 1st Assignments Spring 2013 Available Now

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