Citizenship and Community Engagement Code 8606 B.ed 1.5 Years

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Citizenship and Community Engagement (8606) B.ed 1.5
Autumn, 2016

Q.1 Define culture and analyze cultural diversity? Explain the influence of culture
on social development? (20)

The need to understand cultural differences is obvious today. Many societies are multicultural,
and many people and organizations collaborate across geographic and cultural boundaries.
Although it is typical for people to see themselves as unigue and to be somewhat parochial,
parochialism is not a good strategy for the future. According to Adler (1997, 10) “parochialism
means viewing the world solely through one’s own eyes and perspective. A person with a
parochial percpective neither recognizes other people’s different ways of living and working
nor appreciates that such differences have serious consequences.

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