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Education, Assessment and Evaluation (8602) B.ed 1.5 Years
Autumn, 2016

Q 1: What is meant by term classroom assessment? Explain types of assessment you mostly
prefer to assess the learning of students at the end of class.

Classroom assessment is the process, usually conducted by teachers, of designing, collecting, interpreting,
and applying information about student learning and attainment to make educational decisions. There are
four interrelated steps to the classroom assessment process. The first step is to define the purposes for the
information. During this period, the teacher considers how the information will be used and how the
assessment fits in the students’ educational program. The teacher must consider if the primary purpose of
the assessment is diagnostic, formative, or sum-mative. Gathering information to detect student learning
impediments, difficulties, or prerequisite skills are examples of diagnostic assessment. Information collected
on a frequent basis to provide student feedback and guide either student learning or instruction are
formative purposes for assessment, and collecting information to gauge student attainment at some point
in time, such as at the end of the school year or grading period, is summative assessment.